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Pippin & Seren - Life at the Old Mill Cottage
written by Fred Clough & illustrated by Jen Delyth
Ninth Wave Publishing ©2011

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This book is inspired by the adventures and reflections of a wise old Sheltie dog Pippin,
and Seren - the Star Puppy, who came to live with him at the Old Mill Cottage, Wales.
Pippin tries to teach her to grow up properly, but he has his work cut out.
He is also a bit of a rogue himself!
Charming stories of a developing relationship between two Sheltie dogs are set in the Welsh countryside.
Share their adventures in the woods, lessons in the garden, the dog show, family frolics and much more....

One day a baby rabbit came
hopping across the lawn in front of Seren’s very eyes.
Pippin was away exploring in the bushes.
Seren stood amazed; then she approached it slowly and playfully as if not to frighten it.

But it quickly dashed away through the fence
to safety when an angry Pippin arrived.
Perhaps Seren wanted to
make a friend of the little rabbit too!

Seren peeped over the bank of the stream
to peer into the dark tunnels, where branches of
willow trees had fallen to make arches
across the water.

She felt that she was entering into a new and
special place, an enchanting and magical world,
full of mystery.

Now it was Seren’s turn on the table. The judge looked closely at her teeth and ears and eyes (it was a good job that Pippin had cleaned her so well that morning), and the lady judge ran her hands all over Seren’s body, feeling her bones and muscles, until it tickled. Seren liked the judge tickling her so much that she licked the judge’s face all over! “She’s only a baby,” said the judge, smiling to Mam.
“Everybody loves me,” thought Seren, “and I love everybody too.”

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• Fully Illustrated with Celtic Art throughout by Jen Delyth
• 8.5” x 8.5” Paperback, Black & White w/ Full Color Cover
• 202 Pages - First Edition January 2011
• Published by Ninth Wave Publishing

• $22.00 USA - & Shipping
First Edition January 2011


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